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A Full Gardening Design Service in Robards.

For a small fixed fee Front Garden Design teams will visit you at your garden for an initial consultation. At this meeting Front Garden Design will familiarize themself with your garden and discuss your problems, hopes and requirements. This meeting is very much a dialogue. Front Garden Design will give you our initial thoughts and ideas about what you might hope to achieve . We will also advise on technical issues via construction, planting or any necessity for other professional input (e.g. drainage problems or tree surgery) Front Garden Design can also give broad guidance on relative costs of different landscaping solutions, and advise the client on how to budget for their new garden.

Sometimes at the consultation stage it may become apparent the client doesn’t actually need a full garden design. Maybe they just need to be put in touch with a landscaping firm. Or maybe they need help with the planting in one problem area. Front Garden Design will happily answer these questions. But If they do go on to commission a design the fees for this initial consultation will be deducted from any further garden design fees for the project.

Once the initial consultation is complete we will write to let you know how much your design will cost. In this letter Front Garden Design will also summarize the points raised at the first meeting. If you decide to proceed Front Garden Design will need to survey your garden. All relevant measurements will be taken, as well as note made of existing features and plants, orientation, access etc. Front Garden Design will also need to take a brief from all those who are to have a say in the garden. In a small garden the survey and brief will be carried out during the initial visit. For larger projects an additional visit may be necessary.

For large or complex sites (e.g. with a lot of level changes ) Front Garden Design may recommend a specialist surveyor. From the survey a scaled base plan is produced . It is from this plan and with reference to your brief and Front Garden Design‘s experience that your proposed garden design will be developed. Front Garden Design will arrange to come back and present this to you. Often this drawing is sufficient to allow contractors to quote competitively and ultimately to build your new garden.

Occasionally supplementary technical drawings will be required. This might be to enable you to commission a bespoke water feature, or to communicate in detail how more unusual elements of the new garden are to be built. While it is always advisable to have a reputable landscape contractor carry out any work in your garden, occasionally the works are to be implemented by the client’s builder, or even the client themselves. In these circumstances more detailed drawings are highly recommended to ensure the garden is constructed safely and according to the design agreed by you.

For the complete garden design you will also require planting plans and schedules. These are technical drawings which show the type, size , number and location of every plant in the new scheme. Front Garden Design can supply plants if you require and will usually supervise the soil preparation , delivery of plants and their setting out .

Front Garden Design also offers a corporate service for other design or landscape professionals such as architects, landscape contractors and interior designers. This is either done on a free lance basis or as a subcontractor. It is becoming more common for Local Authority planners to stipulate a higher level of design for the landscaping element of both residential and commercial projects than in the past. Property Developers too find that a higher specification is expected by prospective purchasers, from Hardwood floors and designer bathroom fittings through to the exterior treatment. For more information on this service please complete our enquiry form or contact us at Front Garden Design.

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